Recruitment offers for companies

2021 recruitment offers for companies

The latest recruitment offers is designed for all European companies, to help them find employees in the EU.

Viajobs recruitment offers for companies

Job advertising targeted for European job seekers

Attraction of qualified human resources is full of challenges in this days. Scale your employee absorption rate at European level with a top recruitment offer, your business will thank you later. Find employees in Europe, quickly and easily, with HR solutions adapted to today’s times!

You will have access to all your applicants.

Viajobs Marketing Automation services goes beyond the limits. Based on the chosen plan, you can choose from:
Featured / Video job listing
Targeted SMS / WhatsApp messages
Direct call niche candidates

Recruitment offer that attracts professionals at a glance

Company Promotion

Promote your company on Viajobs homepage (limited places). Recommended for professionals with multiple job ads or who need to hire urgently. Target your audience today!

Increase the absorption rate of job seekers.

The most important investment of a company is human resources. 1 Get Involved → 2 Attract → 3 Hire.
Company listed on our homepage
Access to all jobs listed in one place
Personalized job alerts delivered to the right candidates
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Discover resumes by education, skills and experiences

CV Access

Eligible companies can access professional CVs directly from the company’s dashboard account. Our database contains CVs from all fields and industries. Discover skilled workers straight away!

Direct recruitment offer method

Find your candidates on the go with the right recruitment offer

Does your business urgently need employees? Buy CV Access Packages that cover all your needs:
Search CVs by experiences, skill, education, location etc
Unlock contact details only for compatible candidates
Contact them directly or invite them to apply to your job
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Recruitment offer built to meet high requirements

Pay-Per-Candidate Screening

Proactive and efficient pre-employment screening on a pay-as-you go basis. Are you tired of hiring based on luck, the so-called “Blind Hiring”? It’s time to make the right hiring decisions!

Recruitment offer made by experts

Experts with the latest HR technology able to screen anything

If you really love your business and want confidence from newcomers, you need to turn to the right services:
Attract genuine talent
Attract qualified professionals
Attract proactive candidates

Monthly payment service


Candidates as a service

We act as a promoter on behalf of your company, the whole hard part is up to us: finding the right candidates to accept your job offer. Candidates sign the contract directly with your company!

The most wanted recruitment offer

Recruitment offer with long-term business strategy

This service is not subject to warranty, candidates that drop are replaced without any additional fee.
HR strategies adapted to the times
Effective finding of suitable candidates
Your pool of candidates never dwindles

One time payment


In the European Union, the standard recruitment costs charged by recruitment agencies tend to range from 15% to 20% of a candidate’s first annual salary, but this can be as high as 30% for hard to fill positions. With our segmented HR services, pay-per-employment can be accessible to everyone. Try us!

Meeting all your recruitment needs

We can support you with a range of personalized HR services, beyond that of a regular recruitment agency.
First class HR service
We work as part of your team
Attract like-minded candidates

Cheap service: if later candidates give up, it's part of your risk

Pre-Employment Signed Job Offer

Cheap ServicePrepaid Service

We find the candidates that meet your requirements and present them your job offer. Once candidates sign the job offer our service is completed. You will receive the signed job offer by candidates, their CV with the contact details, and is up to you to made the interview, checks, screening and whole recruitment process.

This service is recommended up to medium qualifications

In short: this type of service works in a way like “pay per leads” (paying for potential candidates). Most likely, not all leads will materialize. This service has been requested so many times in recent years, so it has been added to our roadmap.
The price is 100 € / signed job offer
Pay-per leads service, starting with packages of 10
Widely matched resumes

The human resources of the subcontracted company are yours


Company as a workforce

Labor outsourcingWorkforce Alternative

Forget about the oldest workforce outsourcing provided by typical recruitment agencies and say Hello to the latest model of Workforce Outsourcing where all the human resources of the subcontracted company will perform works only for your company. Are you a well-established company? We can connect you with companies that act as a workforce based on your requirements!

Act like a parent company with hands-off owners
The monthly commissions that your company previously paid to outsourcing companies for providing labor now go into the pockets of workers, so salaries are much higher and everyone is happy. Satisfied and happy workers are at least 300% more productive and creative. Both you and your end customer will be happy! Are you open-minded and ready to conquer new markets? Start planning!

The lack of qualified employees becomes history

Think outside the box: You will only outsource your workforce, not your business contracts. The subcontracted company understands from the beginning that its role is to act like a labor company for your parent company. Your company delegate coordinates your outsourced workforce.
Does this type of workforce work?
This model of outsourcing has been successfully tested for years in Europe. Smart entrepreneurs have realized that it is even twice as profitable as having their own employees. Perform a SWOT analysis with your accounting manager and rethink your approach, the labor market is changing, it’s time to adapt!
Premium service dedicated to well-established companies
The parent company’s audit is required
Think Big! We can connect you with several labor companies

Hire the whole team at once or outsource your services


Company as a Service

Freelancers have opened their own companies, so the professional skills of newly established companies are at the highest level so far. Their field of services is completely digitized and open for business. You can choose between established service companies to outsource your services and specialized companies that are open to offer services only for one company, where you act as a parent company.

If a business is not competitive in the market, it will fail

Consider outsourcing your services, which are cheaper in the long run. Otherwise, your costs will become much higher, much more, you risk the life of your business if your company is not digitized and your staff is not retrained in the new SaaS Cloud technologies.
For financially stable companies
Auditing your parent company is a must
Premium service built for scaling

Get direct access to verified recruitment agencies from Asia

Asia Workforce

Asia labor pool of workers

Maybe you consider Asian workers and specialists for your business. Do you want to have recruitment costs up to 30 times cheaper? Approaches recruitment agencies from Asia directly. Contact with Asian entrepreneurs will surprise you, they are problem solvers, they know all the required steps. Act like a PRO and start direct business partnerships with staffing agencies from Asia!

In addition to the EU recruitment offer

Find Asian employees for the European Union as a workforce

You will receive access to verified recruitment agencies from Asia: company name, tax number, their website, official representative name, email address, phone number and WhatsApp contact number. It is up to you to enter into a direct partnership with verified personnel agencies based in Asia.
Verified Asian recruitment agencies
Skilled workers and talents
You will have long-term workers

Now it's time to digitize your workflow to the next level

Workflow Optimization

Skyrocket your company's workflow

We integrate and customize the most efficient Cloud optimization SaaS software! It’s so easy to use you can even hire your grandmother. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Your company employees will work on the same Cloud CRM & ERP solution used by NASA, Pfizer, VISA, Mastercard, AirBNB, eBay, Lufthansa, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and almost all smart companies and institutions around the world. Only a well-organized workflow can make your business competitive in the market, to grow your business to the next level is just a choice. Estimated cost: 25 € / month / employee (everything included). Built to handle up to 20K employees.

Monitor all your employees activities on the go

By streamlining the workflow, you reduce costs by up to 500%. Employee efficiency increases by at least 300%. Monitor the actual working time of each employee and all his actions. ROI (Return on Investment) is huge: no more losing customers, you’ll see approach of your team regarding old and new customers and is almost impossible to waste unnecessary financial resources from your company. Remote work will be more accessible than ever. iOS and Android apps included.
Premium service for well-established companies
SWOT analysis is mandatory
Custom workflow configuration for up to 10 departments

The future of Human Resource process management

HR Automation

Human Resources Automation

With SaaS Cloud Human Resources automation technology, all manual tasks such as creating files, feeding data, sharing documents, selecting candidates according to specific skills, filling out forms, which can take hours, will be fully automated. Built for scaling, it can support Human Resource process management for global teams. Can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere!

Automate your human resources team now

Our advice is to avoid predefined solutions, it never accomplish your requirements, it will just break up your entire HR team workflow. Choose a custom solution, designed according to the requirements of your team. Do you want performance? Don’t invest in bargains, they are much more expensive! 
Company Audit & SWOT is required
Custom SaaS Cloud HR solution
Premium service, dedicated to well-established companies

Invest in the future of your company

Business Digitization

Digitizing your business is an investment, not a cost! Do you want all your employees to be interconnected in real time at every stage of the production process? The efficiency of your business can reach up to 100% of its potential. It depends on you if you want your company to be stuck on the pen, paper, email and files or you want to completely digitize your business. Your employees may be more organized than the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital organization of the production process and workflow

Premium service designed by professionals and detailed in 3 stages: research, activity planning, organization and implementation of daily tasks 100% based on SaaS Cloud technologies. Everything can be managed by any device!
HR & Company Audit is required
SWOT & Workflow Audit is required
Short-term return on investment

Featured recruitment offer is a magnet of skilled candidates

Digital Marketing​

Here we are talking about creativity in its pure form. Creativity you were born with it, you have it or you don’t have it, you can’t learn it (learn to paint or sing, if you weren’t born with these talents, you can try all your life and you will not succeed).

The technical approach is not enough
A lot of designers knows Adobe Photoshop (images), Adobe Illustrator (isometric illustrations) and Adobe Premiere Pro (video creation) as technical approach. But in our opinion this is not enough. If their creations do not reach the interest of customers, if candidates do not get involved, if their final creations never go viral, everything is useless. So, where the problem can be?

Market segmentation is key

We offer Digital Marketing as an add-on service, at the explicit request of well-established companies, you must to have active at least one “Business Job Ad Listing” on our job platform, on our website. We come up with research, analysis, market segmentation, ideas, creativity, content writing and project implementation. Also, upon request, we can implement outsourced Digital Marketing projects for your entire company’s action plan in the online environment: customers, employees, product launch, service or product propagation, SEO integration, Google Ads campaigns, branding, rebranding and so on.
Add-on service, based on contract
Project-based prepaid service
Outsourced Digital Marketing requires auditing the company

It's time to get out of the crowd

Employer Branding

Albert Einstein famously said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Visionary approach
Designed for top companies that can afford a monthly budget starting from € 20,000 for their brand, for their online presence. You pay for research, creativity, for futuristic imagination, to discover the desires and vision of customers, for ideas capable of giving birth to new markets, for ideas of atypical advertisements meant to attract commitment, to be one step ahead of the competition. SEO best practices, Digital Marketing strategies, Research-based content writing that interconnect in a perfect symbiosis with the thoughts and desires of your customers (Neuromarketing).

Avoid the dark side

Your customers have different needs, they think differently, they have different tastes, they have different goals, but all of them have one thing in common: in their depth there is kindness. If your company tries to exploit goodness in the fierce race for profit, it will only gain success in the short term, but if it works in the long run with the difficult part, to discover and unleash goodness and happiness from the depths of customers, then success will be sublime.
Interconnect stakeholders
We will analyze your approach strategy regarding customers interaction, we will improve it, and much more we will translating into an effective action plan.
Data research, analysis and interpretation
Online behavior analysis for the last 10 years
Company Audit and SWOT analysis are required
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