2021 • Multiple recruitment options that help you find EU workers 10 times faster

Viajobs Multi Recruitment System gives you the opportunity to find your EU workers faster than ever! Sometimes finding skilled workers and talents needs to be approached from a exclusive perspective: real-time interconnection with the power of the European network of staffing agencies.

No matter how big a European recruitment agency is, it does not find all the qualified candidates you need in a timely manner. But by simultaneously addressing the EU network of staffing agencies, the chance of finding skilled workers or professionals in a timely manner increases 10 times!

Our job advertising feature gives your company a chance to do two things at once:
1. Collect and select the required workers through your job ad
2. Find workers and talent 10 times faster by interconnecting your advertised job with the European network of recruitment agencies (optional feature).

  • Advertise your job offers
  • Get EU workers open to work abroad
  • Find workers 10 times faster with Multi-Recruitment System

How the Multi Recruitment System Works? Fast, smart & easy with just 1 click!


Activate Multi-channel Recruitment System

When you post your job ads, if you want, you can choose to enable the Multi-channel Recruitment System. The EU workforce is constantly on the move, forget the old strategies of finding the necessary workers!


Interconnect with recruitment agencies

Once the multi-channel recruitment system is activated for your listed jobs, all verified European recruitment agencies are notified of the candidates you are looking for.


Find skilled workers in record time

Your chance of finding qualified candidates or talents in record time increases by up to 1000%.

Make out-of-the-box partnerships with European recruitment agencies

The most important factor in any business process is time! When you need to hire new workers for your production process or your new project, in addition to the direct method to advertise jobs, you are thinking of partnerships with EU recruitment agencies. No matter how big that European personnel Agency is, it can’t find all the qualified candidates you need in a timely manner. So you will call on more and more European staffing agencies to fill your open positions as soon as possible. And that means a lot of wasted time for your company. Time lost with communication, negotiation and the price willing to pay for the contracted qualified workers or talents, warranty period of contracted workers, time lost with signing contracts (checking the terms of the contract and reissue the contract according to accepted terms by both sides) and so far. Forget about this old method of approach and Say Hello to our Multi-channel Recruitment System!

Multi recruitment system opportunities

First of all, remember that the Multi-channel Recruitment System is optional and disabled by default, it’s up to you whether you want to activate it or not. If you want to recruit and make a selection based exclusively on your job ad, all you have to do is to not activate the Multi-channel Recruitment System and no agency will receive notifications.

The workforce in the European Union is free to move around the entire labor market in the EEA, there are no more restrictions on the right to work. This is to your company’s advantage!
The Viajobs Multi-channel Recruitment System offers you the possibility to interconnect your job ads in real time with all accredited European recruitment agencies.

Maximum efficiency in finding candidates in a timely manner

Everything is 100% transparent and fair! When you activate the Multi-channel Recruitment System the European recruitment agencies will contact your company directly by e-mail or telephone, to offer you the right candidates that match your job requirements. Viajobs is not involved and does not charge any fees from either party for a successful placement. It is up to you to establish business partnerships with European recruitment agencies. For your peace of mind, we give access to our Multi-channel Recruitment System to companies official registered as a staffing agency in the European Economic Area, some of these countries are not members of the EU, but their nationals can work in the EU on the same footing as EU nationals, since they belong to the European Economic Area. We can also grant access to our job platform to countries outside of the EEA, if that countries have an agreement with the EU.

100% transparency in finding the necessary workers through interconnected recruitment agencies

For transparency, to avoid wasted time and to get the best offer from recruitment agencies, and to quickly identify the profitability interest for both parties (you as a company that wants candidates on the one hand and the recruitment agency that holds these candidates in its portfolio); you will need to specify the price you are willing to pay for a candidate to the recruitment agency.

How are recruitment agencies paid to provide you with the necessary workers?

There are usually the following ways to pay a recruitment agency for its services to find you talented and / or skilled workers:

1. Payment on employment which may be in the form of a fixed fee or a percentage fee. → You will announce which method you prefer!
2. Monthly fee that you are willing to pay to the recruitment agency that provides you with the workers you need. It generally refers to a small fee per hour worked. → You will announce which method you prefer!
It is up to you to choose the type of payment you agree to pay to the the staffing agencies for theirs services into providing you workers. You will have direct contact with the interested recruitment agencies, there is no commissioner in the middle!

How the involvement of EU recruitment agencies works?

Remember, in order to involve as many recruitment agencies as possible in finding the candidates you need so quickly, you must specify a fair price paid to the recruitment agency. The price per worker paid to the recruitment agencies depends on several factors, among which it depends on the skill sought, on how hard it is to find those talents on the labor market and on the salary offered to the wanted workers!

Moreover, all partner recruitment agencies in Europe will be notified of what candidates you need when you activate the multi recruitment system! Large European and international companies use our HR services to find qualified candidates in a record time. You’re on the right track!


If you try our human resources services to find the workers you need, your business will thank you later. Once you have used our services, considered to be the most revolutionary in the HR industry, you will definitely want to benefit from them every time!

More opportunities than standard EU recruitment options

Viajobs brings you the latest recruitment services from industry. Our human resources services are interconnected with HR specialists and the latest SaaS Cloud technologies. Get access to opportunities that will definitely help you find European skilled workers open to work abroad (throughout the European Union and beyond). Moreover, you will have access to professionals from the entire labor market in the European Union. We have the strongest database of European candidates open to work abroad. You will address the qualified European professional workers who meet your job requirements. The highest level of service is our promise!
Viajobs has already helped many international and EU companies find suitable candidates for their companies. Also, our job platform can connect your company in real time with accredited EU recruitment agencies to establish partnerships.

The job market has changed, so a multi-channel approach means your company needs to adapt quickly to meet new requirements. Viajobs is here to connect EU job seekers with your company as soon as possible. And we do it well! Our database of candidates includes a wide range of professionally qualified workers from any type of industry. Companies from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and many other countries has already use our services to find professionals for direct employment or remote jobs. Discover our intelligent human resources services!
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In front of EU recruitment agencies

Our recruitment offer for companies can cover all your needs. You can’t go wrong when you have human resources experts with over 15 years of staff experience on your side. If you wish, we can connect your company with recruitment agencies throughout the European Union and even in third countries, where these countries belong to the European Economic Area or many other countries that have partnerships with the EU. It’s time to act smart!

Our company aims to provide an profitable and honest partnership for both sides. Cost-effective human resources services, the latest technology and a proactive approach place us in front of EU recruitment agencies that have not adapted their services to the real requirements of the labor market. Choose HR professionals as part of your team!
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  • Make profitable business partnerships
  • The price for activation and use is included in your job ad
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